Taylor's 29+ Ti Fargo

Taylor Weichman is a long-time friend of the shop, and in fact he is really part of our family. Before he moved out of Oklahoma, he commissioned us to create his ultimate dream bike, a titanium Salsa Fargo. Knowing that Taylor is an adventurous type, we were stoked to jump in and get weird with his build. With the stipulation that this would be a "one bike to rule them all" type of build, we knew that we would have to get a little creative with the build kit. We settled on the carbon fiber Jones loop handlebar and a set of carbon Bontrager Line Pro 30 rims laced to White Industries hubs as the key pieces of the puzzle. A little known fact about the latest generation of Ti Fargo frame, is that it will fully fit 29+ tires with no modifications except for running Salsa's Alternator dropouts a little further back in their swing. As far as we know, Taylor's bike is the very first 29+ Titanium Fargo to hit the dirt. 3" Bontrager Chupacabra tires a perfect choice for bikepacking and trail riding here in the MidSouth, and profile perfectly on 30mm internal rims. The drivetrain is a perfect "shop-guy" blend of choice Sram and Shimano components, with an X0 Eagle shifting setup paired with XT brakes and an XTR crankset with a Wolftooth chainring mounted to it. Brooks carbon Cambium saddle and a Bontrager XXX seatpost round out a perfect light-weight and super tough build. We miss Taylor a ton, but we know that this bike is keeping him warm at night, because he definitely keeps it tucked safely in his bed. As always, feel free to call the shop for questions about this build, or to get your own custom build started!