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Welcome to District Bicycles

We're a small locally owned and operated bike shop located in the heart of downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma, only a short ride from the finest gravel roads in the world. We passionately believe that bikes have the power to create positive change in our community and we are committed to being the best full-service bike shop in the galaxy. Come and see us, we can't wait to be your friend!

Custom Bike Builds

Custom bikes are a huge part of our business and we take great pride in partnering with some of the finest frame builders in the world to make your dream bike come to life. Not every build has to be a handmade titanium super-bike, we can help you revitalize that vintage road bike or turn your dad's retro MTB into a modern gravel jammer too!

Personalized Bike Service

Not to brag (okay maybe a little), but we have one of the best service departments in the country and we are confident that we can solve any problem that you bring in. No project is too big, too small or too weird. In fact, bring us the weird stuff, we like that!

Let's Be Friends!

We are a small group of weirdos who love bikes and love people too. We are always happy to meet new people and get them set up with routes, gear and advice. If you are coming to Stillwater, stop by and say hi! We will be stoked to meet you and maybe we can even get out on a ride together on the dirt roads or local MTB trail systems. District Bicycles loves you already, we can't wait to be your friend!

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